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Characteristics of A Good Test
17-08-2010 08:09


Characteristics of A Good Test
1- Validity:
A test is considered as valid when it measures what it is supposed to measure.
2- Reliability :
A test is considered reliable if it is taken again by the same students under the same circumstances and the score average is almost the constant , taking into consideration that the time between the test and the retest is of reasonable length.
3- Objectivity:
Objectivity means that if the test is marked by different people, the score will be the same . In other words, marking process should not be affected by the marking person's personality.
4- Comprehensiveness:
A good test should include items from different areas of material assigned for the test. e.g ( dialogue – composition – comprehension – grammar – vocabulary – orthography – dictation – handwriting )
5- Simplicity:
Simplicity means that the test should be written in a clear , correct and simple language , it is important to keep the method of testing as simple as possible while still testing the skill you intend to test . ( Avoid ambiguous questions and ambiguous instructions ) .
6- Scorability :
Scorability means that each item in the test has its own mark related to the distribution of marks given by ( The Ministry of Education) .

While preparing our usual tests, we need to have many important points in our minds as we write them :
1- Organization of data, school ,subject ,term , session and time.
2- Amount of questions should suit the allotted time .
3- Printing should be clear , handwritten exam are not accepted
4- Gradation ,arrange the items from easiest to most difficult so as not to discourage the less able .
5- Instructions should give students all the information they need in terms they can understand
6- Questions should adequately sample the content area ,global , including different parts from the whole and not focusing on certain lessons .
7- Keep the mechanics simple and clear . Don’t mix types of test items ,(general questions in place of language item or vice versa )
8- Test should involve the cognitive ,effective and psychomotor skills that are important to the units ,varied (subjective and objective questions )and measure different aspects .reasoning ,observation ,comprehending and deducing.
9- All branches of the language taught during the school year should be Included.
JAmbiguous questions are to be disregarded.
10- Avoid questions that depend on imagination or the unknown.

11- Questions paper should not include direct or indirect implications to any answer.
JGrading should be accurate.
12- Plan for easy scoring and do not confuse yourself with too many particles of marks .
JFollow samples given by supervisors.
13- Model answers are to be written on a separate sample of the questions paper in blue particles in red and total marks in green .
JPossible answers are to be included or write “or any acceptable answer”

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